Back at the cutting edge

Forestry and sawmilling have been classed as essential operations during the pandemic so having taken an extended Easter break we’re back at the cutting edge today in the knowledge that we can cut timber and keep our workforce safe.

Timber of course is used to make pallets and packaging on and in which food and medical supplies are moved around, timber fences prevent valuable farm stock from straying and, whilst there is construction of any kind going on, sawn timber is an essential raw material.

This mill is famous for wasting nothing: so we dry our woodchips to power biomass boilers on farms and in other businesses in the local area, and our bark fines go towards making peat-free growing media for nurserymen throught the UK.

We’re glad to be back and glad to be busy but, like everyone else, at least part of our mind will be on the men and women fighting Covid-19 at the real sharp end: and we shall be very thankful for their courage and commitment..

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