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Why burn money on kindling?

The price comparison almost speaks for itself but we’ll spell it out: Ransfords kiln dried kindling bags are 50p cheaper for a bigger bag than that sold by a major supermarket retailer – and even better value when you buy three. We believe that you won’t find better local value. On sale at the weighbridge:… Read more »

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Things are growing well for SpArC at Bishop’s Castle

It was great to hear from Jane Allard with an update on her growing plants for sale to help SpArC ( ) the local leisure and arts centre here in Bishop’s Castle. We donated some SylvaGrow® compost to help things along. Jane reports that thanks to the cool days and low night temperatures it… Read more »

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Getting the firewood in…with a little help from our friends

  We’re great believers here in having the right kit for the job so when we decided to step up our local deliveries of kiln-dried seasoned firewood we commissioned this little number which is a tipper for bulk loads as well as having a hoist to lift in bulk bags. As you can see, it… Read more »

All chip-shape and Bristol fashion

It’s a process of constant improvement here at Ranfords both in how we mill and treat the timber and how we make certain that we get the most value out of every bit iof timber we handle. This newly completed chip store (complete with Great Brtish Timber Yorkshire Boarding) means we can store more material… Read more »

Independence day? We have our own anniversary to celebrate!

It is 41 years to the day since the Evans Family of Bishop’s Castle stepped in to save the sawmill from bankruptcy. Alan Evans and his older brother Brian bought the mill for just £100 but along with the mill  came £1.5 million of debts to the bank and trade creditors. Every penny of that… Read more »