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Pay us a flying visit!

Our thanks to Martin Jones who works in our Timber Treatment Centre for this fly through the Mill.
The bird’s eye views in particular give a very clear idea of the size and scale of the the home of Great British Timber

Work is progressing nicely on our new line

We’re in the home straight now in the construction of the new incisor and post pointing line. The inciser has completed its journey from Oregon to Shropshire and the electricians are starting the process of making everything work.. We were delighted to receive this 3D render of the new line from manufacturer Kalfass over the… Read more »


Forestry and sawmilling are among the most sustainable activities in the UK economy. During the course of the year we aim to demonstrate 12 ways in which Ransfords plays its part. Here’s the first. We mill most of our timber from forests very close to home thus reducing timber miles. Wood from sustainably managed forests… Read more »

More progress on the new production lines

Work on the new lines for adding various added-value finishes to posts from 75mm to 200mm s coming on very well thanks to a superb team effort. Above we can see the new 4 head saw being installed and, below, we can see our new inciser being loaded onto a truck in Oregon, USA ready… Read more »

There’s no place like home

How lucky we are to live and work in the place we do. This is us delivering kiln dried logs to a local artist’s studio. Just look at that spectacular view of the Shropshire/Welsh border hills. Wonderful!

(Contact the weighbridge on 01588 6309…

How we make firewood (with a little help from our friends)

The logs we convert into usable timber are all checked to ensure that they match the correct quality specification before they enter the mill. Those that don’t meet the standard are turned into firewood. This short video shows the process. We made the video with Sasha Hughes of DA Hughes Forestry Equipment from whom we… Read more »

Our new line is coming together nicely

As you can see from this image we’ve made huge strides in setting out the new lines for adding various added-value finishes to posts from 75mm to 200mm. There’s still a lot to do and even more equipment to arrive – but we’re ge…

Sometimes it’s nice to have room to swing a cat

We’ve placed great emphasis in recent posts on the ability of our new firewood delivery vehicle to squeeze into very tight spots. Sometimes though it’s nice to have room to swing a cat as we had on this recent delivery in Bishop’s Castle. Don’t forget that firewood sales are handled by the weighbridge: call 01588… Read more »

A cold morning – and plenty to do!

We’re making great progress on the new building for our in-house engineering department and the new line for adding different finishes to posts from 75mm to 200mm. We’ll show more of that later but in the meantime here’s a reminder of how the weather has turned and the temperatures have dropped: steaming asphalt being laid… Read more »

Breathe in!

There are plenty of narrow roads and tiny lanes in our part of the world which is why we went to some lengths to design our new firewood delivery vehicle so it could cope. This is us out on Saturday morning in some pretty tight spots but the wagon and the hoist coped admirably! Firewood… Read more »

Now this is what you call a full load

We set great store here by being as efficient as we can with our deliveries. A full wagon load is an efficient wagon load: good for the environment and sound business sense. Even we were surprised however by this beauty: 43 cubic metres of air dried timber ready for delivery in a covered trailer to… Read more »

How we make firewood

This clip shows how we turn logs that can’t be converted into useable timber into lovely firewood. As ever, it’s a question of having the right machinery for the job at hand!
You can see the finished results in these kiln-dried logs pictur…

Sound sense in Southampton

When the Highways Agency reconfigured the road layout where the M271 meets the A33 in Southampton it was decided that neighbouring residential properties needed protection from traffic noise. Arbus fencing chose Ransfords Noisewall® single-sided acoustic fencing panels and, as we can see, they were installed in a curved configuration to match the road layout. The… Read more »

Latest statistics on UK forestry and sawmilling

The latest National Statistics on forestry produced by the Forestry Commission were released recently in line with arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority. They include information on woodland area, planting, timber, trade, carbon, environment, social, employment and finance & prices as well as some statistics on international forestry. Where possible, figures are also provided… Read more »

Our permanent war on waste

Here at Ransfords we ensure that no part of the timber taken into our yards (often from our own forests) is wasted. If any of the timber isn’t good enough to be cut as Great British Timber because of damage or its size we leave it to dry then chip it to run the boilers… Read more »