Grist to our mill

At Ransfords we’ve always taken pride in the efficiency of our delivery operation: to our mind a haulage wagon running empty is an opportunity lost. To that end and to ensure maximum efficiency and keep costs down we always run with fully loaded vehicles. Local hauliers bringing logs into the mill find it hard to leave our yard without being loaded up with sawn timber for delivery to our customers. During the current period of spiralling costs it’s more important than ever that we work closely with hauliers, suppliers and customers to maximise the wagons’ efficiency.

The picture illustrates the point. Logs harvested for us by Euroforest are brought to us by AW Jenkinson vehicles. The same partner also brings bark co-product from other mills to ours. This is sorted and graded then sent (via AW Jenkinson wagons like the one on the left) to our sister company Melcourt Industries to be processed as a huge range of peat-free landscape and gardening products. Meanwhile, the Jenkinson wagon on the right here is taking Ransfords sawn timber to Parkway in Cornwall where, once unloaded, it will bring back – guess what – more logs! To borrow a phrase from another industry, such efficiency is grist to our mill!

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