Keeping it very local

The larch posts on this wagon were cut from one of our own forest holdings at Aberhosen in Powys which is just up the road from us here in Bishop’s Castle in Shropshire. On their way down from there they will have driven past the site of the new by-pass at Newtown, Powys which is where, after treatment, they are headed now to form part of the fencing for this long-awaited project.

In all, the timber will have travelled less than 60 miles from forest, via treatment, to final spot on site.
It may be true that the apple doesn’t fall far from tree, but in this case at least these posts have stuck just as close to home. Talk about timber being sustainable and environmentally friendly!


We should add that the wagon in the picture loaded the posts both into and out of our yard. It’s based at Abermule, about half way between the forest and sawmill

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