Keeping the noise down for the neighbours

Our business is in a small town which has grown and spread in recent years so that houses now stand quite close to the sawmill (which has been here for well over 100 years!) in what once were fields. We are keen to minimise the impact of our activites on our neighbours so, the new concrete around our new Timber Treatment Centre now being complete, we are installing acoustic fencing panels between the centre and neighbouring houses to dampen any noise coming from our actvities.

We are market leaders in the manufacture of acoustic fencing panels which are used throughout the UK to reduce noise pollution from roads, railways, distribution facilities and factories. The noise is either absorbed by the panel or reflected back to the source of the noise depending on the location and specification.

You can take it as read that these panels will be installed with absolute precision: our mill is also our showcase so these panels will be seen by many visitors.

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