The Winning Post!

Incite Fitness was founded by Neill Timms in 2009 and started solely as a YouTube channel, with calisthenics tutorials and bodyweight workouts. The website was only a calisthenics park finder and used to sell personal training services.

In 2013 the local council removed the bars that Neill and his students used to train on so Incite Fitness began to supply and install calisthenics equipment. They built bars of their own using Great British Timber posts from Ransfords supplied by our stockist.  Barlow’s Woodyard. With somewhere to train they could continue to create YouTube content but it wasn’t long before online participants were asking how they built their own set up, which eventually lead to people asking them to come and install some in private gardens.

Incite fitness has continued to grow every year since and now has a sister business installing equipment in commercial settings.

It won’t surprise anyone to know that, since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Neill, his social media channels and his business have been going from strength to strength.



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