Treatment Centre Update

Hard to believe that our fully automated treatment building has been up and running for almost five years now. The first picture shows the facility under construction exactly five years ago and alongside it the building now from the same spot. In that time we have processed thousands of loads of timber in what to this day is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the UK.

We don’t like to stand still though and the animation shows a recent improvement: the in-house conversion of one of the treatment trolleys. By fitting pins to the frame we can now hold round redwood stakes and treat them to UC4/HA4 in the new auto system.

A lot of work was done by our apprentice Sam under the watchful eye of James. The end result was manoeuvred from the workshop back to the treatment centre this morning with Sam The forklift driver from Shropshire of Radio 1 fame!

It’s worth noting that whilst we have many staff here with service of 40+ years the average age on this job was 23.3. Sam, James and Sam can be rightly proud of their work.

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