A bit of a car crush

Bishop’s Castle is the sort of place where everybody knows just about everyone else and in many ways it thrives on community spirit. We, like very many others, try to help out in whatever way we can, whenever we can.

Some of the more unusual requests for help sometimes come from Bishop’s Castle Fire Station. The station  is operated by part-time fire fighters who are on call and respond to the station from their home address or their place of work. They need to practice all kinds of scenarios and in the past they’ve used our mill after hours to practice rescues from smoke-filled buildings.  The latest request was one we’ve had before: to crush and turn over a vehicle – a moment’s work with our big log-handler – so they could practice rescues from a crash scene.

Towns like ours depend on these part-timers to come to our assistance when we need them. We’re happy to help, and wish them more power to their elbows!

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