A woven fence to confuse the bats at Mellington Hall

At Mellington Hall, the hotel and caravan park owned by the family that own Ransfords, there is a sizeable and very healthy population of bats. It’s not surprising: Mellington Hall stands in over 200 acres of park and farmland a mile from the nearest road so is a perfect environment for insect seeking bats. In the UK, all bat species, their breeding sites and resting places are fully protected by law and anyway, the bats have probably been on this site since before the Hall was built in the 19th Century

In order to keep the bats well away from the gas storage tanks we have surrounded the area with these specially constructed fence panels. The woven form of the fence is designed to interfere with the ultrasonic squeaks which the bats emit in flight to help them find their way. The idea is that if we confuse the echo which comes back to the bat it will change course to find food in a different direction. We have made similar fencing panels on a much larger scale for customers wanting to stop bats flying over busy roads.

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