Great feedback from a firewood customer

It was heartening to receive this message in an email to Alice on the weighbridge here

“Good morning Alice,
Just a quick line to acknowledge safe receipt of our logs yesterday and to give acknowledgement to Ron’s excellent service. Offloading the first four bags outside my garage on the ‘short’ drive was simple enough, but he then managed to back-up his lorry down and around my neighbour Simon’s drive so that his four bags could be offload at the back of his house and directly adjacent his log store. It was an impressive bit of driving and he managed it without running over the grass adjacent to the tarmac drive. Ron then went on to deliver Cynthia’s two bags of logs by reversing down another narrow private access drive and unloading same directly outside her storage shed.
Ron was both efficient and courteous and an excellent ambassador for Charles Ransford & Son Ltd.
Thanks again to you, also, for taking my order and managing to arrange delivery this week: it was very much appreciated.
I have copied this email to your Operations Director because I think it important that Company Directors should also be made aware of Customer Reviews.
By the way, the logs are excellent. They have that very satisfying high-pitched ‘ping’ when knocked together, which is always a good sign of their being really dry. Thanks to all at Ransfords.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Till the next time we need some more firewood.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Land”

Well done Alice and Ron!

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