It never hurts to remember your roots

In recent years we’ve invested millions of pounds to make this one of the most advanced sawmilling operations of its kind in the UK – but it never does any harm to remember the modest beginnings of it all.

The top picture is of one of our Volvo wagons – a 1978 F7 hauling logs – taken around the time that the Evans family took on the ownership of the sawmill. Our delivery vehicles are still liveried up in the same way today as a small tribute to Arthur Evans, who was the Great Grandad of our operations director Alistair. Arthur started out with a £50 loan from his uncle to buy a Bedford van. Interest rates were running at 10% in 1936 when he started so £55 was paid back.

11 years later, after he’d done his bit in WW2, the Foden arrived which we still have and which you can see in the bottom picture.

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