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One for Foden fans

Here’s a sight for sore eyes for anyone interested in older vehicles. The top picture is taken in the 1950s and is a Foden then owned and operated by Ransfords. We think it’s carrying a load of pit props which was a staple product of the mill in those days and for many years after…. Read more »

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Traffic noise has a profound negative impact on the health of millions says report from House of Lords Science and Technology Committee.

Environmental noise and light pollution contribute to a range of adverse health outcomes including heart disease and premature death. Yet light and noise remain neglected pollutants, poorly understood and poorly regulated says a report by the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee which counts some of the nation’s leading scientists among its members. They… Read more »

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House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee visit Ransfords

Great to welcome members of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee to the home of Great British Timber today as part of their inquiry into sustainable timber in the UK and the UK’s contribution to global deforestation. The inquiry is investigating how the UK, which imports most of its timber, can best scale up… Read more »

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As were saying about the importance of forestry and sawmilling…

Here’s another illustration of the importance of forestry and sawmilling – not only to the nation but also to its rural areas. This picture is taken above our sawmill in Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire. In the last few years over £25 million has been invested here to make it one of the most efficient mills of… Read more »

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It’s that wagon…and that man again!

We posted the other day about a load of beech coming into us from Savernake Forest. The AW Jenkinson driver who dropped that load off was Ray Powell…the same Ray Powell who brought logs into us yesterday and took a load of posts back to Cornwall for us to be delivered this morning. Ray’s a… Read more »

A walk in the woods

A couple of weeks ago we reflected on the sheer versatility of wood as a building and landscape material. Here’s another example: woodchips spread on a muddy track through the woods to keep the going less muddy. It’s the most natural solution in the world. Of course, there’s nothing better after a country walk on… Read more »

During half term it’s all hands to the pump…

…or perhaps we should say all hands to the log grab. Just visible in the cab is our Operations Director Alistair who, thanks to the half term holiday, was the only qualified one around to unload a trailer full of logs when they arrived at the mill. The irregular shape and size of the logs… Read more »


Every part of the log is used. These massive piles are of woodchip, bark nuggets, and bark fines which arise from the sawmilling process. They will go on to be used in a wide variety of horticultural products and bring landscapes to life all over the …

Our investment programme continues

The latest project in our continuing programme of investment involves creating a new line to handle and sort larger items in our product range such as gate posts and sleepers. Up to now the process has involved a degree of manual handling which we want to eliminate. This picture shows, on the left, the first… Read more »

The point about continuous investment

Inflationary pressures have been affecting inputs in our industry for some years now so in order to remain competitive, become more responsive to customer needs, and to keep prices of sawn timber at a reasonable level we have adopted a policy of continuous investment in the business so that we operate as efficiently as possible…. Read more »

Sound sense in Southampton

When the Highways Agency reconfigured the road layout where the M271 meets the A33 in Southampton it was decided that neighbouring residential properties needed protection from traffic noise. Arbus fencing chose Ransfords Noisewall® single-sided acoustic fencing panels and, as we can see, they were installed in a curved configuration to match the road layout. The… Read more »

Latest statistics on UK forestry and sawmilling

The latest National Statistics on forestry produced by the Forestry Commission were released recently in line with arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority. They include information on woodland area, planting, timber, trade, carbon, environment, social, employment and finance & prices as well as some statistics on international forestry. Where possible, figures are also provided… Read more »

Sound sense in West Yorkshire

This impressive load is part of an order bound for West Yorkshire to create an acoustic barrier round a distribution hub being built close to a residential area. Planning authorities, whilst keen to encourage economic development, are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of noise from commercial activities on nearby residents. This has led to… Read more »

When the cobbler’s busy…

…his childrens’ shoes have holes in them. It’s the same for us with fencing: we’ve been so busy making acoustic fencing panels for customers that it has taken us literally weeks to finally get round to making and installing the final section of fencing round our new Timber Treatment Centre. The fencing is designed to… Read more »

The 1000th load goes into our Timber Treatment Centre

Just over a year since it became fully operational, this is the 1000th load of timber being sent into our new fully automated Timber Treatment Centre which is one of the most advanced of its kind in the UK. Built at a cost of £2.75 million, the new facility not only dramatically increases the efficiency… Read more »

Within sight of our sawmill and home town

Here’s another sight to lift the spirits. It’s taken at Bury Ditches, home to one of the best-preserved hill forts in the country which dates from around 500BC. It’s located within sight of the mill, deep in the beautiful Shropshire hills. Bishop’s Castle and the Mill are at bottom left, then following the hills round… Read more »

All chip-shape and Bristol fashion

It’s a process of constant improvement here at Ranfords both in how we mill and treat the timber and how we make certain that we get the most value out of every bit iof timber we handle. This newly completed chip store (complete with Great Brtish Timber Yorkshire Boarding) means we can store more material… Read more »

Frosty morning, Bishop’s Castle

We count ourselves most fortunate to live and work in such beautiful surroundings, never more so than on mornings like this. Here in Bishop’s Castle it’s bright and sunny with the air like Champagne. The biomass boiler and kilns in our mill are steaming away and after what at times was a stormy week all… Read more »